Monday, June 29, 2015

Apologia et Negatio

Many years ago, I managed to deftly parlay six years of college education into a job driving a truck. My rig is a 35 ton, 53 foot-long '98 KME with a Caterpillar motor and Allison transmission. 

The nature of my particular job is such that, although oftentimes I'm incredibly busy, at other times I'm pretty much free to muse about life's great issues.

And suffice it to say I've seen a few things in my line of work.

I have an MA in English and a minor in U.S. history, but as I said, that was years ago. I also use to teach at the university level, but only for about three years or so. That said, you’re still going to see a boatload of grammatical errors here. I guarantee it.

I've maintained a couple of different blogs over the past seven  years or so, but I wanted to establish a new site to post my thoughts on current events, media, history, pop culture, or whatever other random flight of ideas might come to me.

I fully appreciate that posting opinions online is an act of incredible hubris.

Gall, even.

And I also fully acknowledge upfront that I surely must lack your intellectual heft.

Because—hey—what would I know? 

I just drive a truck...