Saturday, September 24, 2016

Voter Fraud Scheme Elects Dead Candidate

DENVER, CO—A voter fraud scheme in Colorado appears to have backfired on the perpetrators, after hundreds of registered dead voters cast ballots for Shane Walsh in that state’s senate race instead of incumbent Democrat Felicia Torres.

Democrats have long dismissed GOP concern over voter fraud, election tampering, and voter ID safeguards, and openly ridiculed party leaders who have called for investigations. “The whole thing is preposterous,” said Huffington Post contributor Daylin Leach in a recent column.

But an actual journalist working for CBS affiliate KCNC-TV in Denver has uncovered multiple instances of dead citizens voting months, and in some cases even years, after their deaths, a revelation that calls into question safeguards designed to prevent such occurrences.

Reporter Brian Maass pointed out that voter fraud is important because often times a race is decided by a slim margin. In 2002 for example, Colorado’s 7th Congressional district came down to 121 votes out of more than 175,000 that were cast.

In this year’s hotly contested senate race, sitting Democrat Felicia Torres was in a virtual dead heat with her Republican challenger, who has run on a platform of lower taxes and healthcare reform.

Democratic party operatives with close ties to Torres believed they had secured the votes of hundreds of dead people, but the reanimated zombies broke with the liberal party line and instead cast ballots for former King County Sheriff’s deputy and fellow walker Shane Walsh.

“Well, we didn’t see that coming,” said one campaign staffer being led away in handcuffs.

Walsh was unavailable for comment.

(CBS4’s Brian Maass confronts voter fraud suspect Sarilu Sosa-Sanchez)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Proposed Law Would Let Suspects Shoot First

CHARLOTTE, NC—Under intense pressure from Black Lives Matter leaders, U.S. House of Representatives congressman Arthur N. Chamberlain (D, North Carolina) has introduced the so-called “First Shot” bill (H.R. 4999) which would mandate that citizens stopped by police officers be allowed to shoot first before officers can return fire.

Under the proposed law, police would be required to keep their service weapon holstered until suspects were able to get off the first round, after which point the officers could then engage.

“This bill is being introduced to give suspected criminals a fair chance and eliminate confusion at potential crime scenes,” explained Congressman Chamberlain. “For far too long, our communities have had to rely solely on unreliable eyewitness accounts to contradict incontrovertible physical evidence as a means to justify rioting and looting,” Chamberlain said. “This law should clear things up.”

Black Lives Matter leaders have long complained that suspects—particularly those in poor neighborhoods—are not afforded adequate time to reach for, aim, and shoot their weapons at police officers prior to being apprehended. “It’s necessitated the whole hands-up-don’t-shoot counter-narrative,” explained one BLM organizer, who declined to identify himself.

The First Shot legislation, also know as Michael Brown’s Law, was immediately praised by George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire who apparently has nothing better to do than interfere with the political and legal system of the United States. According to the Washington Post, the elderly socialist who advocates federalizing the police force gave upwards of $33 million to fund and mobilize various grass-roots activist groups comprising the Black Lives Matter movement. Soros’ non-profit “Open Society Foundation” has helped underwrite riots, looting, arson, assaults, and even murders across the country, from Ferguson to Dallas. “Still, we’re still not getting enough traction on this,” Soros lamented in a recently hacked internal memo. 

The First Shot law comes on the heels of the latest round of rioting in this country. On September 20 in Charlotte, North Carolina, a black police officer shot and killed an armed black man who brandished a gun and refused to comply with lawful orders to drop the weapon. These facts were announced at a subsequent press conference by Kerr Putney, the city’s black chief of police.
Regardless, protesters took to the streets for two consecutive nights of rioting, during which time a CNN reporter was assaulted on live TV, a photographer was knocked down and almost dragged into a bonfire, a white man was beaten and kicked in parking garage by a crowd of black men, and four police officers were injured even after they rescued a protester who was shot and gravely wounded. “We out like the Taliban,” proclaimed one jubilant protester in a FaceBook video.

On Wednesday, President Barak Obama urged that “local law enforcement should find ways to calmly and productively engage those protesting."

Initial reaction to the proposed law suggests that police chiefs across the country are divided on changing the rules of engagement. “I'm not concerned," said LAPD Chief Irvin Irving. “Gang-bangers are notoriously bad shots. Instead of squaring up or assuming a basic combat-stance, they like to hold their Glocks sideways because they think it looks ghetto.” But Sheriff Richard O’Shay, Cochise County, AZ, warned that, “a criminal could get lucky and actually hit a patiently waiting deputy. You never know.”

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Clinton’s Chronic Cough “Evolves” into a More Nuanced Pneumonia

 CHAPPAQUA, NY--In response to persistent rumors regarding the health of Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff announced today that the chronic cough suffered by the Democratic nominee has “evolved into a more nuanced case of pneumonia.”

Democrats have long claimed moral high ground by explaining how their past positions have “evolved” over time, implying a lack of Darwinian forward progress on the part of Republican neanderthals.

Perhaps the most famous example of this evolution occurred in 2015, when Democrats—including Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Tom Daschle, and scores of senators all of whom had supported the Defense of Marriage Act—reversed their position and quickly accused non-conforming conservatives of being "unenlightened knuckle-draggers."

Today’s announcement by the Clinton campaign claims that the frontrunner’s mysterious ailment is simply the most recent example of liberal progressivism.

What started out as a chronic cough due to seasonal allergies (which Clinton has said she suffers from at this same time every year), had, by last Sunday, evolved into dehydration, which in turn rapidly progressed to an apparent syncopal event. After briefly retreating to her daughter’s nearby apartment, Clinton later emerged with renewed vigor and a belated announcement that she actually had pneumonia. Later, it was added that many of her campaign staff had likewise evolved to pneumonia.

At this accelerated rate, Clinton’s health is now on track to transform into some progressive medical disorder well in advance of her Republican rival Donald Trump, who has stalled out at high cholesterol.

Still, some conservative commentators are unimpressed. The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro said  
“Hillary's admitted health problems have been serious and well documented. She has fainted, fallen and seriously injured herself, been treated for blood clots, suffered a serious concussion, and just a few months ago told the FBI that repeated memory blackouts kept her from remembering key details about her time as secretary of state. Then there was last week's troubling coughing spell, one of at least a dozen or so over the course of this campaign….We were…told it was allergies—why the coughing spells in February then?”
But many of the same reporters who scrutinized the health records of Senator John McCain and questioned his suitability during his presidential run, have since said that they have “moved on” from stories regarding Clinton's health, progressing past any new revelations as being “old news.”

(Clinton, seen here helping her Secret Service detail climb stairs)

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Players' Protests Spread Far Beyond NFL

KANKAKEE, IL—Controversial protests staged by National Football League players during preseason and opening day games have apparently spread well beyond the NFL.

In Kankakee, Illinois, just moments after the Kroger Grocery Store opened for the day, grocery clerk Willie Frissel refused to check out the first customer of the day, instead taking a knee for the better part of three minutes. He later said that he did so out of solidarity with NFL players protesting “oppression in this country.” The customer, who was attempting to purchase several frozen entrees and some orange juice, instead left the store empty-handed and somewhat confused. A spokesperson for Kroger said they were aware of the incident but as of yet had not decided whether or not to discipline the employee.

Similar impromptu protests took place across the over the country this past weekend, including at convenience  stores, fast food drive-ups, and retail outlets. In one of the more bizarre instances, an Eden Glen mortuary hearse arrived 20 minutes late to a funeral.

In New York City, during the musical overture prior to the opening curtain of Broadway hit “Hamilton,” the entire horn section refused to play a single note. And perhaps more noticeably, during the subsequent opening scene, Abidemi Abimbola, understudy to the Aaron Burr role, sat down the entire time, refusing to dance or sing. A whirling extra nearly stumbled over him at one point.

On Sunday, numerous NFL players showed their support of San Francisco second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick by kneeing, sitting, raising fists, or generally fidgeting, with many of the players vying for on-air time with sportscasters after the games. At one point, as many as a dozen players lined up and waited to be interviewed by CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson.

In Seattle, Miami Dolphins players Arian Foster, Michael Thomas, Jelani Jenkins and Kenny Stills all knelt. However, when Stills began to stand back up after the national anthem he strained a hamstring and will actually have sit out the next few games entirely.

Chief’s Marcus Peters, Patriots’ Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty, and Titan’s Jurrell Casey, Wesley Woodyard and Jason McCourty all raised their fists in solidarity. And Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane, San Francisco safety Eric Reid, and Bronco’s linebacker Brandon Marshall have all assumed various postures of discontent.

On some sidelines, protesting players could not agree on a form of protest, so some sat, while others kneeled, and still others raised fists, either their right or left hand, with or without gloves. On the 49’ers bench, one cornerback even laid down and appeared to be sleeping.

The NFL had sought to blunt the protests by staging elaborate pre-game commemorations of September 11, but many players refused to stand upright for 90 seconds even though 12 black firefighters were among the fallen in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

President Obama quickly praised the well-paid athletes for “their courage,” condemned those fans hoping for display of patriotism, and apologized to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for no apparent reason.

After a brief visit to New York’s 9-11 memorial on Sunday, Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton was also seen taking a knee.

But a Clinton campaign staffer later attributed the controversial move to her "seasonal allergies.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Southern California Fire Department Eliminates Entire Shift

SANTA TERESA, CA—Firefighters serving this sprawling Southern California suburb suspected that something was amiss when they were required to work hundreds of hours of overtime every month, month after month. 

Now their suspicions have been confirmed.

The fire department they work for reverted back to a two-platoon schedule earlier this year but had neglected to inform personnel, according to a memo emailed to all staff late Friday afternoon.

“We’ve eliminated the entire C-shift,” announced Fire Chief James Dante, attributing the lack of communication to a simple administrative error.

Rank-and-file members of the department have grumbled about the sharp increase in forced overtime. But in a surprise move, union president Giacomo Ciacco stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with department brass in admonishing firefighters to “Just suck it up.” Said the labor boss, “There are hundreds of guys out there who’d kill to have your job. Stop whining.” 

Added Chief Dante, “Yeah, you big pussies.”

Up until the late 1960s, most full-time fire departments operated on a two-platoon schedule, with firefighters alternating 24 hours on duty and 24 hours off. But as labor laws improved most departments were mandated to move to the current three-platoon system.

However, Santa Teresa firefighters have now been told that reasonable working hours “are a thing of the past.” Explained Ciacco, “That kind of thinking is so 20th century.”

Suppression personnel initially attributed the mandatory overtime to the department’s failure to hire to keep pace with retirements. But the department apparently never had plans to replace those retirees.

“It figures,” said one fire engineer, who declined to be identified.

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Residents Fleeing Wildfire Swallowed Up By “Suspicious” Abyss

CLEVELAND NATIONAL FOREST—Area residents fleeing a wind-driven wildfire plunged into a bottomless chasm opened up during a subsequent earthquake, a U.S. Forest Service spokesman confirmed this morning.

The 7.9 trembler—which occurred shortly after the inferno started—ripped opened up the gaping maw of hell itself and quickly swallowed up those attempting to escape the fast-moving fire front.

While Cal Tech geologist Lucy Jones maintained that severe earthquakes in Southern California have long been predicted, local clergy claimed the timing of two events to be “suspicious.”

“It appears to be cataclysmic in nature,” said Monsignor William O’Mally, assistant to San Bernardino Archdiocese Bishop Gerald Barnes.

Although equestrian ranches along the Ortega Highway were under a mandatory evacuation order, four horsemen on pale mounts were seen calmly sauntering through the Eden Village area of the national preserve.

Forest Service arson investigators have refused to comment on the cause of the fire, which has thus far scorched 666 acres. 

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